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This Simple Marketing Strategy Will Last Forever November 3, 2006

Posted by pochrich in Pochrich Articles.

Brand marketing – there are literally hundreds of books about it. Not just promoting your product, but turning it into a brand recognized nationally or even globally.

* But it doesn’t just apply to products. If you work for yourself in any way – if you are an entrepreneur, a solo professional or have your own consulting business – YOU are the brand! Your business is YOU. Marketing your business is marketing YOU.

So if you really want to get ahead, you need to think now about starting to position yourself as the brand.

Start by looking at yourself as a marketer would look at a product, in order to make it a winning brand. Analyze the market. Analyze the product – YOU – in relation to the market. And analyze how to maximize the brand’s potential – YOUR potential.

What are my strengths? What differentiates me from the competition? What added value do I bring to a problem or situation? How do other people see me? What makes them choose me instead of my competitors? In other words, what is my USP (unique selling point)?

When you have identified your USP, create a tagline that encapsulates it. Whether it is high integrity, credibility, creativity, imagination – create the tagline and use it wherever you go.

Then get personal testimonials. Whenever someone is satisfied with your service, ask that person for a testimonial. Build your personal portfolio and make it grow. Develop your personal brand strategy as you would develop a brand strategy for any other product.

Many people feel uncomfortable with this. They find it phony or say “I’m not happy pushing myself”. But if you don’t brand yourself, others will! Make sure your brand image is what YOU want it to be.

This means modesty has to go out of the window. We are brought up to avoid pushing ourselves forward, but in marketing there is no room for holding back.

* Show up at industry events. And make sure you have a plan for “working the event”.

* Use your picture and your tagline on all your materials – letters, business cards, e-mails and your personal web site.

* Send your customers and prospects your own monthly e-mail update – and include your tagline.

* Have a personalized narrative version of your resume that people enjoy reading But don’t bore people with irrelevant details.

Doing this, you will soon find you stand out from your competitors. People don’t like doing business with a faceless non-person. The more you brand yourself as a person, the more they will develop an affinity with you and the more their trust and belief in you will grow. And above all it will ensure that what they see is what YOU want them to see. You will be amazed at the benefits this brings to your business!

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