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Asia , We are ROCKING in! January 27, 2007

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This is a short clip taken by my sponsor Irene during the seminar.Matt and Johnny are sharing some thoughts on opening up new opportunites in Asia.With Singapore as the first stop , we have already started a new team in Malaysia.Soon,other parts of Asia will be coming in.Are you ready to take action with us today and create one of the successful stories in Asia?

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Success Really Always Leaves Clues… January 21, 2007

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They are making the first step towards their dreams to achieve their goals.What about you?

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A long awaited wait…. January 18, 2007

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Finally an update on the seminar on 12 and 13 Jan 2007.It’s really great to see Matt Morris and Johnny Wimbrey making the trip to meet up with our team members in Singapore.Even though it’s raining heavily during that period but the attendance for the 2 days seminar is 100%!

When i met Matt for the first time,the impression that he gave me was a pretty normal average person.But when he shared some insights on network marketing and giving us a fast start training on building our business…I’m really amazed by him!The methods he uses to do networking marketing is so simple and effective yet many of us tend to overlook on it and always focusing on the unnecessary steps.A few important things that he mentioned on being successful is :

* Willing to push oneself beyond their own comfort zone
* Never give in to failure and keep on trying till one succeeds
* Invest in personal development and duplicate success examples

Johnny also gave a terrific speech on friday night.He was touching on the topic about the mindset between a positive person and a negative person.He came up with 7 Distinctions between a winner and a whiner.That really taught me something.It opened my mind to new things,new possibilities!Not only that,Matt and him has disclosed some future plans and directions which Success University will be heading in the near future.

With Singapore starting as the first stop in Asia,more happenings and successful stories will be created!This is just the beginning!

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Matt Morris is in Singapore! January 12, 2007

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I had met Matt Morris,CEO of Success University on our Singapore Success University members’ night!He’s a really tall guy.He had shared some of his life experiences and his definition of “Success” with all the members.We all had a wonderful time with him and Johnny Wimbrey.Really looking forward to the seminar,will let you guys know more details after the two days seminar.

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Johnny Wimbrey LIVE in Singapore! January 10, 2007

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“How You Can Be Financially
Free In 2007!”

Discover The Secrets Of How A Homeless Person
Went From “Broke” In The Bank To “Breaking” The Bank …
Transforming Into a 6 Figure Income Earner Within 3 months!
“You Can Make 2007 a Year Where Miracles Happen!”

Success University’s International Training Director
Live in Singapore!
THIS FRIDAY 12th Jan 2007“I will do today what others don’t
So I will have tomorrow what others won’t”
~Johnny Wimbrey~

You’ve heard the recorded calls, you’ve stayed up until the early hours to hear him live, now see him LIVE in SINGAPORE!

Millionaire Profit Mastery
12th Jan 2007 (Friday) 7.00pm-9.30pm
Singapore Power Auditorium

111 Somerset Road, #02-01,
Singapore Power Building,
Singapore 238164


The ticket price is only S$25 but this is only available for the first 9 person only. Reserve your ticket now! Email Jackie Chew at jackiechew@gmail.com with your name, contact number and the number of tickets you want. Book your ticket now to avoid disappointment. Make 2007 your best financial year ever, see you on the 12th Jan.

From the desk of Pochrich (the man who brings Johnny Wimbrey to you!)
Time : 7.30pm Wedesday

Dear Friend,

If you have not heard of Johnny Wimbrey, it’s time for you to find out who he is!

Just go to google.com and type Johnny Wimbrey. He is sought after by popular demand by entities all over the world!

Here’s what the world famous best-selling author Dr. Denis Waitley say about Johnny.
When Johnny speaks, I listen and learn. Already a superstar in our profession, he is inspirational, educational, and transformational. From a background of less than ordinary, his life story is nothing short of extraordinary. No one exemplifies freedom of choice better than Johnny Wimbrey.”

Dr. Denis Waitley
Best Selling Author

Now, I have a good news for you.

Johnny Wimbrey is coming to Singapore, in person!

I managed to convince him to conduct a special 2-hrs seminar for our fellow Singaporeans.

In this seminar you will get to discover:


Learn The Truth On How To Be Financially Free in 2007!


Discover the Critical Element to Doubling Your Income in 2007.


Acquire the Advance Skills and Formula of a Super Star Income


Discover How I Made $100,000 in 3 months and How You Can Do It Too!


Make 2007 a year of “Sacking Your Boss”


Understand the real simple reason how you can went from “Broke in the Bank” to “Breaking The Bank” in the next few months!

This is the One And Only seminar that he is going to conduct to the public,
so make sure you don’t miss it!

Before you start questioning, let me tell you what this seminar is NOT!

1) This is NOT a Preview of another $5000 workshop. There’s no other seminars to sell you. You learn everything from Johnny in this seminar and that’s it!

2) This seminar is NOT conducted by me or other local representatives. You see Johnny Wimbrey in person. You can speak with him, touch him (if he allows!) and be in contact with him.

Who should attend this seminar?


Those who are ready to have massive changes to their life

Those who are sick and tired of being sick and tired of their present condition

Those who are searching for the TRUE secrets of success

Those who want to earn an extra $100,000 more in 2007

Those who are in sales, professional speaking, home based business industry (Johnny is a sales superstar and trainer in his previous industry. You will definitely learn a lot from him)

Those who wants to learn how to quickly turn adversity into prosperity!

Have you given a serious thought about what would be different for you
in year 2007?

Would it be spending more time with your family?… going for more holidays?… or just finding ways to make more money to quickly pay off your debts/loans and get rid of the stress and worry?

Regardless of what level of success you’ve at, you can always move forward.
However, one of the keys to moving forward for almost everyone is being able to ‘see’ what you can’t see… and to ‘know’ what is currently ‘unknown’ to you.

Pochrich Success University Infotainment

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Why Residual Income January 7, 2007

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I’m going to share an article by Daegan Smith on the topic about residual income and why it’s better than paycheck income.Hope all of you enjoy reading it.

Why it’s better to have residual income and not solely depend on paycheck income? Residual income by definition is income earned by an individual that are generally coming from his assets at hand. It allows a person not to worry anymore spending 8 hours a day in the office working as his personal assets are now earning money for him.

The current practice for people in earning a living is by getting a job and work either on an hour or annual basis. They have salaries or paychecks that they receive usually on a monthly basis and this allows them to buy the things they want, travel to places they want to travel or simply buy anything that their paychecks allows them to buy but the happy story ends where the money has been spent already and people have to continuously report back for work and continue on with their current jobs again and again. Their paychecks do arrive again and again but so does the effort for them to continue working for that hard-earned money.

People can aspire for higher salaries by getting promoted in their current companies or they can opt to aspire for higher paying salaries with other companies. They can get a higher education, maybe an MBA degree and be assigned to higher management positions like a supervisor or a manager in a company. Their salaries become higher and their lifestyles can become higher too. Still, at the end of the day, they still have to report for work the next day, get more worries and pressure from work as they still have to continuously work their way on a daily basis in order for them continuously enjoy the paychecks they are receiving that will allow them enjoy and sustain the lifestyle that they want to enjoy.

This is technically the rat race and it’s a cycle in most people’s lives that goes on and on. The cycle of coming to work doesn’t end. This is because people will always have obligations to pay the bills, to put the food on the table and to simply enjoy a good weekend doesn’t end too.

So how will it be possible for anybody to get out of the rat race of working 8 hours a day? How will it be possible to simply just have the money that can sustain the lifestyle one would like to have and go on with life with the expectations of still being able to receive continuous income in the bank?

The answer basically lies with being able to create wealth for oneself not solely on the basis of becoming an employee and receive a paycheck continuously but simply by being able to have income coming in the bank without necessarily working for it on an hourly basis.

This is what we call residual income. Residual income, also what we call passive income generates income for a person thru his assets. These assets can be in a form of real-estate properties that returns rental income. Shares of stock in a blue chip company that consistently returns back dividends is also a way to earn residual income. This is also true for mutual fund shares that consistently return earnings to the fund owners from the funds’ investments.

The process of switching from a lifestyle funded by earned income from a job to a lifestyle funded by residual income generated from a person’s established assets will be the challenge for anybody who’s currently tied up in the rat race cycle. Being able to save enough money or capitalize on a person’s talents and skills in order to bring in income consistently without him returning back to work for good is the process towards financial independence.

People who have capitalized on their talents and skills and have settled down towards financial independence are those who have maximized their residual income potential. Songwriters for example may only need to write just a few songs that will make it big on the MTV or Billboard charts that will consistently sell out record sales for a lifetime will have residual income by earning royalties for every song they wrote that is played in the radio or sold in record stores.

Entrepreneurs or successful businessmen that started their business and capitalized on their business ideas that have taken off towards success can expect consistent profits from their businesses. They’ll just need to hire effective managers and people that will continue to run their businesses for them and they can just expect their businesses to grow and receive profits from their business operations.

Why residual income is better than all sources of income? Its because it allows anybody who has initially capitalized on his efforts to plant his seeds on business ideas, artistic talents, or investment strategies regardless of his family background, education, age, or even career background. Residual income allows financial stability and freedom without the need to be back at the office the next working day again and simply enjoy the free time to devote it on their love ones or on the things that they’ve always wanted to do in life.

About The Author
Daegan Smith is the leader of the fastest growing team of successful home business enterpernuers on the net. Find out how we’re creating financial freedom all across the globe and how to get in on the action FREE => http://www.comlev.net.

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