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Naruto Shippuuden is back! February 25, 2007

Posted by pochrich in Entertainment Time.

After waiting for so long,Naruto is finally back onto the original storyline.This is currently one of the hottest animation in Japan right now.What i like about this anime is that the “good” ninjas always succeed their mission with teamwork.But of course,the story is more than that.Especially the ninja techniques they display,awesome!Really miss those summoning techniques….

This is the new opening theme for the new series by nobodyknows+

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1. zangetsu - March 6, 2007


i love to watch japan anime especially naruto n onepiece..till now, there is 4 episode released and i have already watch them all..(“,)

the character i like the most is no one but hatake kakasyi ‘the sharingan user’..i am really impressed with him..(“,)

2. Alvin - March 7, 2007

lolx.. nice video post.. =P

3. Pochrich - March 18, 2007

I really enjoy viewing this anime.I also like Bleach too.Can’t wait to see Kakashi using his new sharingan powers.Alvin,you watch Naruto too?

4. Maruel - March 28, 2007

Yeah the fillers are finally over! Hahaha! Download episodes here: http://gotnaruto.blogspot.com/. Enjoy! 😀


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