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An Update From Matt Morris March 22, 2007

Posted by pochrich in Online Income Opportunities.

This is an update from Matt Morris,President of Success University to all the members:

Hi Paul,

I hope you’re having as great of a week as I am…

Last month was another record month in sales for Success University!

After going through our numbers so far for this month, I’m excited to announce that we are on pace to surpass last month’s numbers and have yet another record month in sales for March!

Congratulations to the countless individuals from around the world who are sharing in the commissions from this phenomenal growth.

Because of the tremendous growth that our company has experienced over the last two years, we are now in a position to take our company to an entirely new level.

Our corporate team has been working overtime to put together a very special ‘surprise’ that we’ll announce at the beginning of May.

I don’t want to go into any details until it’s 100% complete but I can promise you that it will be the catalyst that will allow us to very quickly accomplish our mission…

To deliver success education to more
people than any other company in the world.

Those of you who are active students in May will be VERY grateful for your continued participation in your monthly tuition!


I wanted to take a minute to give you a quick update on a couple items…

First, I’m going to be in London on April 3rd.

I’m waiting on final details as to the exact location but as soon as we have them, I’ll be letting you know.

Second, you may notice a small change to the corporate website:

Based on much feedback from our top producers, we have taken off the Free Trial link on the main page.

We are still offering the free trial program, and have absolutely no plans whatsoever of discontinuing it.

We’ve made this decision for two reasons…

First – over the last two months, we are generating as many premium enrollments as we are free trial enrollments. The leaders marketing the premium package only are experiencing frustration with people getting excited but then only doing the free trial because it’s so easily accessible.

Second – we believe the free trial program will now be marketed in a much stronger way because it can now truly be presented as a “special offer”, rather than an everyday common offer available to the general public.

The most successful leaders in Success University who market the free trial program DO NOT advertise their main corporate webpage. They market one of 3 pages that are directly tied to the free trial offer:

For those of you who advertise for leads and wish to call them to help them enroll.

For those of you who advertise internationally and are not able to call your prospects.

and http://pochrich.successuniversity.com/SpecialOffer
For those of you who wish to simply advertise the sales page.

That’s it for the updates… be sure to tune in to our weekly conference calls for more information and training.

Success University is breaking new ground in the personal development industry. Over the next two to three months you will be hearing some major announcements that will allow us to make a quantum leap in our growth around the world.

I’ve never been more excited than I am today because I clearly see our vision of creating a positive shift in the world by raising the level of human potential through our education and training.

Thank you for your leadership and your commitment to accomplishing your dreams and goals. We remain committed to serving you.

Live Your Dreams!

Matt Morris
President, Success University

Pochrich Success University Infotainment

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