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A Job Well Done,Katie! May 29, 2007

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This is a screenshot from one of my team members Katie Fong from Canada.She joined our SU team 4 months back and by applying one of the methods taught by our leaders….she manage to climb onto the 1st spot on her name search and it’s on the first page!.But her success doesn’t come by overnight.It’s through her willingness to learn and the desire to achieve her goal that has brought her such great results.Congratulations,Katie! You have done very well!Hope to see more of your achievements to share with the team!

p.s:Katie is only 20 years old and still a student.If she can do it,why can’t you?

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Love Letter Finale – “Chul Duk Ee” Brian Special (en) May 17, 2007

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In this final episode of Love Letter which recaps significant scenes from S1, S2 & S3, this cut features Chul Duk Ee Brian, one of the many stars among 11 others who lights up Love Letter. Features his out-of-this-world imaginative dances which is simply hilarious. The second part features how Brian came to be know as ChulDukee and how he wanted to swap his identity with Hwanhee but to no avail. Together with Mr 1000 and Kim Jong Min, they will be forever remembered as 6 7 8, Love Letter Mascots. subbed by dreamofgoose. coordinated by silverwingz. re-edit byCoolsmurf

Go~~~6! 7! 8!

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First Singapore Internet M Success Workshop by Daegan Smith May 17, 2007

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Hi everyone,

We are only left with 10% of the seats
on Saturday. Have you or your members
got your tickets yet?

This is the last chance to get it at a discount.

Once this week past, the price will be
back to the original price of $197.

I heard from Daegan that there will be a
special bonus (worth $397) for you to

We did not reveal this to you as we wanted
to give you a special bonus.

If you have not purchase your tickets, here's
the link

Do it now!

See you on Saturday!


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Daegan Smith Is In Singapore! May 17, 2007

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This is a note from Daegan:


I just wanted to drop you a quick note, after 23+ hours of travel time
I'm now sitting in a little internet cafe in the wonderful nation of

It's amazing what starting a little business can do for you . . .

Never in one thousand years did I think I'd be Singapore, sitting outside
by the river writting in my journal and just overall enjoying the day.

When you put Internet marketing and network marketing together there is
really no telling where you life will take you.

The opportunities are unlimited and they are literally right at your
finger tips. Close your eyes and think about how different things can
and will be once you embrace this new formula to wealth.

That's all for now, I'll drop in and let you know how the trip is
progressing, but for now if you're ready to travel the world, and live
a life you once only could dream of, I'm both living proof it's not that
far out of reach and you're biggest fan.

Join me, and let's get this show on the road!

Here's your first step . . .

==> http://www.onlineincomehub.com/workshop/coldcallingsucks/special-event.html

To the top,

"The King Of Never Calling A Lead Now In Singapore . . ."
See you TONIGHT!!!


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