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Hope This Will Motivate You Not To Give Up On Your Success Journey November 11, 2007

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A Girl Named Pebbles Inspired Me by Andrew Christiansen

The other day I was enjoying some late night
breakfast food at a local Diner with a friend. We struck up a
conversation with our waitress named Pebbles and it completely boosted
my work ethic and motivation by 100%

She is 24, just graduated law school and is $90,000 debt. She had
decided to work a year to gain some life experience, take a break from
law and to tackle her debt.

She began to share her 1 year plan which was to work 17 hours per
day, 7 days a week for a year in order to completely pay off her
$90,000 in debt. She said she could make around $9000 per month working
at the diner for these long hours.

Now by no means am I saying everyone in online business should work
17 hours or even anything close. My point is that this girl had a goal
and shes following through with it on a daily basis. On top of that,
with a SMILE on her face! Her energy was high, she was willing to do
whatever it takes to meet her goal.

When most people would break down and even go bankrupt on $90,000
debt this girl accepted it, set out a plan of action and is following

If she was in network marketing she would be a millionaire in one year with that work ethic!

I came to the realization that to tackle a huge goal like starting
an online business or tackling debt one must do the following after
they have a plan of action.

1. Work Longer: No matter who you are and what you do you can
always increase the hours you put into a task. Most people work 8 hours
a day at their jobs then invest 1-2 hours in their home business. I
challenge you to put MORE TIME into your online business.

2. Work Harder: when those little thoughts of “Im tired” or “Im
burnt out” enter your mind I challenge you to push beyond them. Its all
in your mind, get up take a walk or have a drink of water then get back
at it! Don’t let negative thinking trick you into giving up or
quitting. Get back on the bike regarless of your fear of falling off.
And if you do fall off get back on and do it again!

3. Work Smarter: Find out what your goals and passions are and do
anything you can to pursue the journey towards them. If you’re goals
are shaky you will stumble daily and the end won’t appear to be worth
the means of getting there.

I reflect on my own work ethic and realize that heck, if this
waitress can bust her butt for 17 hours EVERY day I can at least work
2-3 more hours per day. My dream is just as real as hers, shes just
more focussed than others and doesn’t let anything get in the way of

By working harder during more hours of the day while always being
smart about it my business will be pushed to the next level, I
challenge you to do the same and see what happens

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