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First Singapore Internet M Success Workshop by Daegan Smith May 17, 2007

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Hi everyone,

We are only left with 10% of the seats
on Saturday. Have you or your members
got your tickets yet?

This is the last chance to get it at a discount.

Once this week past, the price will be
back to the original price of $197.

I heard from Daegan that there will be a
special bonus (worth $397) for you to

We did not reveal this to you as we wanted
to give you a special bonus.

If you have not purchase your tickets, here's
the link

Do it now!

See you on Saturday!


Pochrich Success University Infotainment

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Daegan Smith Is In Singapore! May 17, 2007

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This is a note from Daegan:


I just wanted to drop you a quick note, after 23+ hours of travel time
I'm now sitting in a little internet cafe in the wonderful nation of

It's amazing what starting a little business can do for you . . .

Never in one thousand years did I think I'd be Singapore, sitting outside
by the river writting in my journal and just overall enjoying the day.

When you put Internet marketing and network marketing together there is
really no telling where you life will take you.

The opportunities are unlimited and they are literally right at your
finger tips. Close your eyes and think about how different things can
and will be once you embrace this new formula to wealth.

That's all for now, I'll drop in and let you know how the trip is
progressing, but for now if you're ready to travel the world, and live
a life you once only could dream of, I'm both living proof it's not that
far out of reach and you're biggest fan.

Join me, and let's get this show on the road!

Here's your first step . . .

==> http://www.onlineincomehub.com/workshop/coldcallingsucks/special-event.html

To the top,

"The King Of Never Calling A Lead Now In Singapore . . ."
See you TONIGHT!!!


Pochrich Success University Infotainment

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An Update From Matt Morris March 22, 2007

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This is an update from Matt Morris,President of Success University to all the members:

Hi Paul,

I hope you’re having as great of a week as I am…

Last month was another record month in sales for Success University!

After going through our numbers so far for this month, I’m excited to announce that we are on pace to surpass last month’s numbers and have yet another record month in sales for March!

Congratulations to the countless individuals from around the world who are sharing in the commissions from this phenomenal growth.

Because of the tremendous growth that our company has experienced over the last two years, we are now in a position to take our company to an entirely new level.

Our corporate team has been working overtime to put together a very special ‘surprise’ that we’ll announce at the beginning of May.

I don’t want to go into any details until it’s 100% complete but I can promise you that it will be the catalyst that will allow us to very quickly accomplish our mission…

To deliver success education to more
people than any other company in the world.

Those of you who are active students in May will be VERY grateful for your continued participation in your monthly tuition!


I wanted to take a minute to give you a quick update on a couple items…

First, I’m going to be in London on April 3rd.

I’m waiting on final details as to the exact location but as soon as we have them, I’ll be letting you know.

Second, you may notice a small change to the corporate website:

Based on much feedback from our top producers, we have taken off the Free Trial link on the main page.

We are still offering the free trial program, and have absolutely no plans whatsoever of discontinuing it.

We’ve made this decision for two reasons…

First – over the last two months, we are generating as many premium enrollments as we are free trial enrollments. The leaders marketing the premium package only are experiencing frustration with people getting excited but then only doing the free trial because it’s so easily accessible.

Second – we believe the free trial program will now be marketed in a much stronger way because it can now truly be presented as a “special offer”, rather than an everyday common offer available to the general public.

The most successful leaders in Success University who market the free trial program DO NOT advertise their main corporate webpage. They market one of 3 pages that are directly tied to the free trial offer:

For those of you who advertise for leads and wish to call them to help them enroll.

For those of you who advertise internationally and are not able to call your prospects.

and http://pochrich.successuniversity.com/SpecialOffer
For those of you who wish to simply advertise the sales page.

That’s it for the updates… be sure to tune in to our weekly conference calls for more information and training.

Success University is breaking new ground in the personal development industry. Over the next two to three months you will be hearing some major announcements that will allow us to make a quantum leap in our growth around the world.

I’ve never been more excited than I am today because I clearly see our vision of creating a positive shift in the world by raising the level of human potential through our education and training.

Thank you for your leadership and your commitment to accomplishing your dreams and goals. We remain committed to serving you.

Live Your Dreams!

Matt Morris
President, Success University

Pochrich Success University Infotainment

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Ever Heard Of Getting Paid To Attend Seminars? March 19, 2007

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I think Success University is the first entity to do this.Getting paid to attend seminars?All this has been disclosed on 17 March seminar.The preparations are being made now.All these will happen in May 2007 right here in Singapore.

Pochrich Success University Infotainment

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A Testimonial From Matt Morris Himself….. March 18, 2007

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This is a video on Matt Morris talking about OnlineIncomeHub.This is really great as he recognizes the efforts put in by the leaders and members.It absolutely takes TEAMWORK to make DREAMS works!

Pochrich Success University Infotainment

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The Art of Influence March 18, 2007

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Success University & Johnny Wimbrey present

The Art of Influence-Developing Leadership through the Power of Communication

This one day bootcamp will be held in Singapore but the exact location will be announced later.

The one day bootcamp will let you learn:

1)How To Touch,Move and Inspire Through the Power of Communication

2)How To Communicate Effectively With Impact and Influence

3)Learn the 3 Physiological Triggers to Move your Listener(s) to Take Action

4)Delivering Your message to People’s Heads & Hearts

5)The Art of Connection & Impression

6)Learn Insider Secrets of the Top 1% of speakers & Presenters

7)How to earn $2,000.00 -$5,000.00 a Weekend and MORE!

8)How to Build an International Financial Cash Machine

9)How to Get Wealthy Promoting & Building For SU Seminars

Currently for this type of seminars,it is mostly only open to companies executives level cause’ this type of courses cost more than $1000 and above.Some might be even be more than $10k depending on the speaker you hired to talk and train at the seminar! But Success University and Johnny Wimbrey have worked a plan to benefit SU members.The current price is put up at $497USD which is definitely far more cheaper than the required cost to attend such seminars!

For SU members,this is something not to be missed as this seminar will increase your earnings even without recruiting members!I’m serious about this!Singapore is the first stop to kick off this event and OnlineIncomeHub will be organizing this event.London will be next after Singapore.

So for those SU members in Singapore or Malaysia,if you don’t want to lose the chance in missing out this opportunity that hasn’t been disclosed to the masses yet…TAKE action now!

You may contact me for further details on how you can earn money from such seminars.I just attended an OnlineIncomeHub event with Johnny Wimbrey as the speaker.When he explained the details on how we can benefit from this event,it really blown the whole 200 participants out of their minds!

Pochrich Success University Infotainment

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We have started our Malaysia OnlineIncomeHub Team! February 22, 2007

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Yes…you heard it right!.The 2nd seminar held on 10th Feb 2007 was a great success!
We had an attendance of 82 people at the seminar and the response is really great!Everyone is looking forward to a new opportunity brought by Success University through OnlineIncomeHub.
With the positive results we are getting from Malaysia,we are reaching one more step towards the Asia Goal

Here is a clip of Jaz Lai,one of OnlineIncomeHub founders teaching the participants on internet marketing:

Pochrich Success University Infotainment

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Success Really Always Leaves Clues… January 21, 2007

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They are making the first step towards their dreams to achieve their goals.What about you?

Pochrich Success University Infotainment

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Johnny Wimbrey LIVE in Singapore! January 10, 2007

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“How You Can Be Financially
Free In 2007!”

Discover The Secrets Of How A Homeless Person
Went From “Broke” In The Bank To “Breaking” The Bank …
Transforming Into a 6 Figure Income Earner Within 3 months!
“You Can Make 2007 a Year Where Miracles Happen!”

Success University’s International Training Director
Live in Singapore!
THIS FRIDAY 12th Jan 2007“I will do today what others don’t
So I will have tomorrow what others won’t”
~Johnny Wimbrey~

You’ve heard the recorded calls, you’ve stayed up until the early hours to hear him live, now see him LIVE in SINGAPORE!

Millionaire Profit Mastery
12th Jan 2007 (Friday) 7.00pm-9.30pm
Singapore Power Auditorium

111 Somerset Road, #02-01,
Singapore Power Building,
Singapore 238164


The ticket price is only S$25 but this is only available for the first 9 person only. Reserve your ticket now! Email Jackie Chew at jackiechew@gmail.com with your name, contact number and the number of tickets you want. Book your ticket now to avoid disappointment. Make 2007 your best financial year ever, see you on the 12th Jan.

From the desk of Pochrich (the man who brings Johnny Wimbrey to you!)
Time : 7.30pm Wedesday

Dear Friend,

If you have not heard of Johnny Wimbrey, it’s time for you to find out who he is!

Just go to google.com and type Johnny Wimbrey. He is sought after by popular demand by entities all over the world!

Here’s what the world famous best-selling author Dr. Denis Waitley say about Johnny.
When Johnny speaks, I listen and learn. Already a superstar in our profession, he is inspirational, educational, and transformational. From a background of less than ordinary, his life story is nothing short of extraordinary. No one exemplifies freedom of choice better than Johnny Wimbrey.”

Dr. Denis Waitley
Best Selling Author

Now, I have a good news for you.

Johnny Wimbrey is coming to Singapore, in person!

I managed to convince him to conduct a special 2-hrs seminar for our fellow Singaporeans.

In this seminar you will get to discover:


Learn The Truth On How To Be Financially Free in 2007!


Discover the Critical Element to Doubling Your Income in 2007.


Acquire the Advance Skills and Formula of a Super Star Income


Discover How I Made $100,000 in 3 months and How You Can Do It Too!


Make 2007 a year of “Sacking Your Boss”


Understand the real simple reason how you can went from “Broke in the Bank” to “Breaking The Bank” in the next few months!

This is the One And Only seminar that he is going to conduct to the public,
so make sure you don’t miss it!

Before you start questioning, let me tell you what this seminar is NOT!

1) This is NOT a Preview of another $5000 workshop. There’s no other seminars to sell you. You learn everything from Johnny in this seminar and that’s it!

2) This seminar is NOT conducted by me or other local representatives. You see Johnny Wimbrey in person. You can speak with him, touch him (if he allows!) and be in contact with him.

Who should attend this seminar?


Those who are ready to have massive changes to their life

Those who are sick and tired of being sick and tired of their present condition

Those who are searching for the TRUE secrets of success

Those who want to earn an extra $100,000 more in 2007

Those who are in sales, professional speaking, home based business industry (Johnny is a sales superstar and trainer in his previous industry. You will definitely learn a lot from him)

Those who wants to learn how to quickly turn adversity into prosperity!

Have you given a serious thought about what would be different for you
in year 2007?

Would it be spending more time with your family?… going for more holidays?… or just finding ways to make more money to quickly pay off your debts/loans and get rid of the stress and worry?

Regardless of what level of success you’ve at, you can always move forward.
However, one of the keys to moving forward for almost everyone is being able to ‘see’ what you can’t see… and to ‘know’ what is currently ‘unknown’ to you.

Pochrich Success University Infotainment

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Fox News Interviews Matt Morris December 26, 2006

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This short interview is about Matt and his company,Success University.From this interview,you will be able to know more about this 29 years old guy who has been thru the ups and downs in life to what he is today.His company website even surpasses Donald Trump and Tony Robbins websites to become the NO.1 most visited site on the internet regarding about personal development training.

Pochrich Success University Infotainment

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